HD33M-MB.GSM -Data Logger with GSM/GPRS Module

HD33M-MB.GSM -Data Logger with GSM/GPRS Module

Data Logger with GSM/GPRS module with RS485 MODBUS-RTU input and contact input for weather stations.

The HD33[L]M-MB.GSM data loggers are equipped with a GSM/GPRS module and allow several physical quantities to be monitored remotly in a large variety of application fields.
Thanks to GSM/GPRS transmission, the user will not have to remove the data logger from its position or reach the place where the data logger is installed to download the data measured with the PC: the instrument can send the data via e-mail or FTP and can upload the data on an HTTP server (for example the Delta OHM portal “www.deltaohm.cloud”). You can also make a direct GPRS TCP/IP connection with a remote PC which has an Internet connection.

• Temperature, relative humidity, dew point, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, rainfall quantity, wind speed and direction data logging
• Available in two versions: with input for standard RS485 MODBUS-RTU sensors or with inputs for dedicated Delta OHM sensors
• GSM/GPRS module for the remote monitoring
• Sending of data via e-mail, FTP and to an HTTP server (for example the Delta OHM Cloud)
• PC software for configuration, monitor and data download in a database
• Software option available for compliance to FDA 21 CFR part 11 recommendations
• Alarm notification via e-mail and SMS when configurable measurement thresholds are exceeded
• IP 67 waterproof housing
• Optinal custom LCD
• It can be powered by mains or by a solar panel (with optional external power supply unit)

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