HD2114B.2 – Barometer-Manometer-Thermometer Data Logger

HD2114B.2 – Barometer-Manometer-Thermometer Data Logger

Barometer-Manometer-Thermometer Data Logger with built-in barometric sensor (600…1100 mbar)

Barometer-Manometer-Thermometer with built-in barometric sensor (600…1100 mbar), input for SICRAM module PP471 to connect probes TP704 and TP705 series. Temperature measurement with Pt100 probe complete with SICRAM module, measuring range –200°C +650°C. Datalogger which stores the maximum, minimum, average value and can store up to 36,000 couples of samples. USB output for data transfer to a PC. Functions: REL, HOLD, PEAK (with probes TP704 or TP705) auto power off which can be disabled, IP 66 protection degree. The SICRAM module PP471, pressure probes and temperature probes have to be ordered separately. TP704 and TP705 series pressure
probes and TP47… series temperature probes are suitable.

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