Inspired by the Environment

Delta OHM is an Italian company specialized in the design, manufacturing and calibration of portable, bench top and industrial scientific instruments for the measurement of physical quantities. In Delta OHM we offer our customers the technology for measuring, understanding and influencing the world we live and work in and the environment around us. The quality of our products is assured by the six modern ISO 17025 accredited laboratories (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Air Speed, Photometry/Radiometry and Acoustics).

Since 2015 we are part of GHM GROUP. From the fusion of the Greisinger, Honsberg, Martens, Imtron and Delta OHM companies, the GHM GROUP still considers itself a tradition-oriented company. With an eye on the vision of the founders, the company continues in its consistent efforts to permanently advance measuring and regulation technology with innovative developments and application-specific solutions.