Report concerning personal data processing under EU Regulation 2016/679, art. 13-14

Involved persons – potential customers and customers.

DELTA OHM s.r.l. a socio unico as Data Controller, under EU Reg. 2016/679, known as GDPR, informs you that the aforementioned regulation provides for protection with respect of individuals’ personal data. This processing will be carried out following principles such as legitimacy, legality and transparency and in full respect of your rights as data subject.
Your personal data will be processed in accordance with provisions of the above-mentioned regulation and its confidentiality obligations.
Purposes and legal ground of personal data processing – especially your personal data will be processed for the following puroposes to the execution of accomplishments relating to legislative and contract obligations:

  • after sales support;
  • clients management;
  • detection of customer satisfaction;
  • detection of the degree of customer satisfaction;
  • quality management;
  • report management during sales operations;
  • for statistic purposes and analysis of browsing and users.

Given your consent, your personal data may be used for the following purposes:

  • marketing and advertising purposes;
  • marketing and Advertising;
  • promotional activities;
  • sending business information by e-mail or SMS.

Data conferment is for you elective with respect to the above-mentioned purposes. Any refusal to data processing does not compromise the on-going relationship neither the accuracy of the processing itself.

Processing procedures and methodologies – Your data may be processed in the following ways:

  • creation of profiles concerning clients,suppliers and consumers;
  • manual personal data processing with paper archives;
  • personal data processing with electrical calculators;
  • using electronic calculators running software managed by third parties.

Each data processing is ran in compliance with procedures under articles 6,32 GDPR applying proper safety measures.
Your data will be exclusively processed by authorized personnel given data controller permission, and especially by those following agents:

  • sales office;
  • laboratories;
  • administration office;
  • marketing office.

Notice: your data will be solely transmitted to duly appointed competent individuals in order to fulfill necessary utilities for a proper relationship management with protection guarantee for involved persons.
Your data may be transmitted to duly appointed third parties responsible for the processing, especially to:

  • software for newsletter;
  • freight Forwarders and Logistics Companies.

Distribution – Your personal data will not be distributed in any way. Your data may be transmitted, limited to the above-mentioned purposes, to the following countries:

  • EU countries.

Conservation period – We duly inform you that, according to principles of legality, limitation of purpose and personal data minimization in accordance with art.5 GDPR, your personal data conservation period is:

  • set for a timing not larger than the supplied services fulfillment.

Data controller – The Data controller in compliance with the law is DELTA OHM s.r.l. a socio unico (Via Marconi, 5 , 35030 CASELLE DI SELVAZZANO (PD); e-mail:; telefono: 049-8977150; P.Iva: 03363960281) in the person of its legal representative pro tempore. You have the right to request the Data Controller to access, amend, erase, restrict processing, transfer, object to processing and contest automated decisions based on his/her personal data as from articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 of GDPR.

EU Regulation 2016/679: Articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 – Rights of involved persons

Involved individuals have the right to obtain confirmation about existence of related personal data despite personal data are not registered yet, as well as their comprehensible transmission.
The involved individual has the right to obtain the indication:

  • a. personal data origins
  • b. data processing purposes and modalities;
  • c. applied logic in case of data processing carried out through electronic devices;
  • d. data details of data controller, liable agents and appointed representative under article 5, clause 2.
  • e. individuals or categories of individuals which personal data may be transmitted to or may learn about as appointed representatives or liable and entrusted agents in the country

The involved person has the right to obtain:

  • a. update, rectification or, given their interest, data integration;
  • b. anonymous cancellation, transformation or block of personal data given law violations, included data whose conservation is not necessary with respect to purposes for which data were collected and then processed;
  • c. attestation concerning operations in accordance with lerters A) and B) are brought to knowledge of those, with respect to their content, whose data were transmitted or diffused, except the case whose fulfillment turns out to be impossible or implies the usage of procedures way too out of proportion compared to the protected right;
  • d. data portability

The involved individual has the right to exercise full or partially opposition:

  • a. due to specific legitimate reasons related to the personal data processing, albeit pertaining to collection purposes;
  • b. related personal data processing for the purposes of advertising material or direct sale or to the accomplishment of market researches or commercial communication.