PYRAsense03 – Class C Pyranometer

PYRAsense03 – Class C Pyranometer

PYRAsense03 is the new ‘Spectrally Flat’ Class C pyranometer, according to ISO 9060:2018.

A new, elegantly shaped design disguises a body in which the 3 internal temperature, humidity and pressure sensors allow to keep operating conditions of the sensors always under control.The leveling device, visible even with the UV resistant protective screen, together with the tilt angle option allow the user to always identify the correct position.

RS485 Modbus-RTU output galvanically isolated + optional analog output make the sensor flexible and easy to integrate in any exixting system.

All pyranometers are based on an accurate thermopile sensor and have been designed to meet multiple needs: PYRAsense03 is the best economical solution for measuring solar efficiency. 

Using the PC application software DATAsense, it is possible to configure the sensor monitor the
measurements in real time and save the values detected during the connection in a file.

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