HD46… Series – RH, Temperature and CO2 Transmitters

HD46… Series – RH, Temperature and CO2 Transmitters

Transmitters, indicators and controllers for Relative Humidity, Temperature, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Dew Point Temperature

The instruments of the HD46… series are transmitters, indicators and regulators suitable for measuring and monitoring the following environmental parameters, depending on the model:

  • Relative humidity (RH)
  • Ambient temperature (T)
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Dewpoint Temperature (DP, computed value)

These instruments are designed for ambient air monitoring. Typical applications are air quality analysis in crowded buildings (such as schools, hospitals, auditoriums, work sites, refectories etc). This analysis allows to adjust air conditioning systems (temperature and humidity) and ventilation (air changing/hour) in order to achieve a double target: obtain a good air quality in compliance with the ASHRAE and IMC directives in force and save energy.

RH measurement is obtained by means of a capacitive sensor. The sensor is temperature compensated to assure accurate and reliable measurements with the time. Relative humidity and temperature sensors with their calibration data are contained in an easy-to-replace module (HDM46). The temperature T is measured by means of a high-accuracy NTC sensor. CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) measurement is obtained by use of a special infrared sensor (NDIR technology: Non-Dispersive Infrared Technology) that ensures long-lasting, accurate and stable measures, thanks to the use of a double filter and a special measurement technique.

The instruments are factory calibrated and require no further adjustment by the installer. The instrument is wall-mounted and sensors are built-in.

Available outputs: 4…20 mA or 0…10 Vdc analog output, RS485 MODBUS-RTU output, Relay output, RS485 MODBUS-RTU and relay output.

Optionally available with display and keyboard.

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