HD2013.2 – Precipitation Detector

HD2013.2 – Precipitation Detector

Rain detector - simple and effective way to measure rain and snow.

The HD2013.2 is our rain detector based on the capacity principle. The capacity value of the sensitive element, on an alumina rest, changes according to the surface dampened by raindrops. An integrated heater keeps it dry, evaporates water and prevents false signals caused by fog or dew.

The instrument is equipped with three different outputs:

  • Rain (Yes/No)
  • 0-1V analoge output
  • frequency output

For the version with Modbus-RTU or 4-20mA or 0-10V or contact output please refer to the HD2013.3

Our standard features:

  • capacitive element is shielded from wind by the protecting dome construction: no false indications
  • capacitive element is heated to be able to detect any form of precipitation, including snow and hail
  • can be standard equipped with bird-spikes
  • supplied with heavy duty mounting bracket, universal for surface or pole mounting
  • standard cable lengths 5 or 10 meter

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