BAROsense – Barometric Pressure Transmitters

BAROsense – Barometric Pressure Transmitters

Barometric pressure transmitter series with RS485 output and, as option, analog current or voltage additional ouput.

BAROsense… is a complete series of barometric pressure transmitters with measuring range 300…1100 hPa.

It is equipped with a precision piezo-resistive pressure sensor with integrated temperature sensor. This guarantees accuracy and precision of your measurements in outdoor environments such as in meteorological or altitude applciations as well as in indoor such as in cleanrooms, in testing of vehicle emissions or in the measurement of pressure compensation in internal combustion engines.

As standard, it comes with an RS485 output but, as an option, it can be provided with an analog current or voltage additional output (0/4…20 mA or 0…5, 0…10 V ouput)

Moreover, if the optional input for the combined temperature and humidity probe is used, the BAROsense provides the combination of the three parameters: pressure, temperature, relative humidity.

Thanks to the digital output, the transmission of the measurements is possible also over long distances. Moreover, this allows to connect the pressure transmitter to sensors networks, also existing ones.

The sensor is factory calibrated in multiple points and has excellent time stability and repeatability.

For direct reading of the data, BAROsense can be supplied as well with an LCD display. 

The barometric transmitter is available as well with optional static port and support bracket (BAROsense…K).


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