Pitot Tubes

Pitot Tubes

Pitot tubes, Stainless steel, to measure airspeed and temperature.

Stainless steel Pitot tubes to measure air speed and temperature, for models provided with thermocouple K type, equipped with silicon tubes with 6mm external diam. and 4mm internal diam and lenght 2 m. Types: T1-200, T1-300, T2-400, T2-600, T3-500, T3-800, T3-800TC, T4-500, T4-800, T4-800TC, T4-1000, T4-1000TC.

Probes Technical Specification

SKU: VT1-200,VT1-300,VT2-400,VT2-600,VT3-500,VT3-800,VT3-800TC,VT4-500,VT4-800,VT4-800TC,VT4-1000,VT4-1000TC - Need Help? Contact Us Leave Feedback

Measured parameters: