LPRAD03 serie – Irradiance Probe

LPRAD03 serie – Irradiance Probe

Radiometric probe for the measurement of irradiance

LPRAD03 probe measures irradiance (W/m²) defined as the ratio between the radiant flux (W) passing through a surface and the surface area (m²) in the VIS-NIR (400nm- 1050nm) spectral range.

The probe is designed for outdoor readings.

Output, according to the chosen configuration, in μV per μW/cm² or 4…20mA or 0…10Vdc normalized output or RS485 MODBUS-RTU output

  • LPRAD03 = μV/(μW/cm²) output
  • LPRAD03BL = μV/(μW/cm²) output, base with levelling device
  • LPRAD03BLAC = base with levelling device output 4…20 mA
  • LPRAD03BLAV = base with levelling device output 0…10 V
  • LPRAD03BLS = RS485 MODBUS-RTU output, base with levelling device

Complete with diffuser and glass dome, silica gel cartridge, 4-pole connector. Cable with female connector has to be ordered separately.

Cables: CPM12 AA4…(except LP RAD03BLS) or CPM12-8D…(only LP RAD03BLS) with cable length 2, 5 or 10 meters.

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