LPPYRHE16 Serie – First Class Pyrheliometer

LPPYRHE16 Serie – First Class Pyrheliometer

First Class Pyrheliometer, according to ISO 9060.

The pyrheliometer LP PYRHE 16 ( First Class Pyrheliometer according to ISO 9060 classifi cation) is an instrument for direct measurement of solar irradiance (Watt/m2).
The receiving surface must be positioned (via a solar tracker or else) perpendicularly to sun’s rays. The use of apposite diaphragms allows only direct light to hit the surface of the sensor. According to WMO and ISO 9060 regulations, the pyrheliometer has a field of view of 5°. The pyrheliometer is produced in four versions: LPPYRHE16 passive; LPPYRHE16AC active with corrent output 4-20mA; LPPYHRE16AV active with voltage output 0÷1V, 0÷5V or 0÷10V; LPPYRHE16S active with RS485 serial output with MODBUS-RTU protocol.

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