HD51.3D4R – Two Axes Ultrasonic Anemometer

HD51.3D4R – Two Axes Ultrasonic Anemometer

High Performance for harsh environments

HD51.3D4R e HD51.3D4R-AL are 2-axes ultrasonic static anemometers with integrated heater. The heater prevents the accumulation of snow and ice formation, allowing accurate measurements in all environmental conditions.

HD51.3D4R-AL is equipped with an enhanced heater, for rapid defrosting, and an anodized aluminum alloy housing with anti-corrosion coating that makes it possible to use the instrument even in a particularly aggressive atmosphere (e.g., marine environment).

The anemometer satisfies the requirements of the MIL-STD-810G Method 509.6 standard (salt fog anti-corrosion test). The high immunity to electromagnetic disturbances makes the anemometer suitable for measurements in electrically noisy environments (e.g., industrial environments, wind farms, etc.).

The anemometers measure:

  • Wind speed up to 80 m/s (HD51.3D4R-AL) or 85 m/s (HD51.3D4R).
  • Wind direction.
  • Wind Gust.
  • Atmospheric pressure (with internal sensor).

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