HD48 serie – Active temperature transmitters

HD48 serie – Active temperature transmitters

Temperature, relative humidity and dew point temperature transmitters available with active 4÷20 mA or 0÷10 V analog output, or with RS485 MODBUS-RTU output only.

HD48 transmitters are designed for temperature and humidity control in conditioning and ventilation applications (HVAC/BEMS) in the following sectors: pharmacy, museums, clean rooms, ventilation ducts, industrial and civil sectors, crowded places, canteens, auditoria, gyms, high-density farms, greenhouses, etc.

The models of the HD48.. series are active transmitters and accept both direct and 24Vac alternating power supply; they have standard current (4…20mA) or voltage (0…10V) outputs, or a serial RS485 output, depending on the model. Models with
horizontal probe for duct mounting (TO), with vertical probe for wall mounting (TV), with probe with 2 or 5 m cable (TC), with fixed contact Pt100 probe for solar panel (TFP) or for the measure of compressed air in pipelines (HD48…T480). For the TO and TC versions, two probe temperature ranges are possible: standard 20…+80 °C and extended -40…+150 °C (option E). Temperature range of the thin film 1/3 DIN Pt100 probe for solar panel: -40…+85 °C. Also available with LCD display (option L). Electronics working temperature: -20…+60 °C.

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