HD33MT.GSM – GSM/3G Logger, IP65, Meteo

HD33MT.GSM – GSM/3G Logger, IP65, Meteo

HD33MT.GSM (with GSM/GPRS module) and HD33MT.3G (with 3G module) Data Loggers for weather station - remotly monitoring temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, rainfall quantity, wind speed and direction in a large variety of application fields

GSM/GPRS/3G Wireless Data loggers in IP 65 waterproof housing. Equipped with:
• 4 analog independently configurable inputs (0…50 mV, -50…50 mV, 0…1 V, 0…10 V, 0…20 mA or 4…20mA, Pt100, Pt1000, thermocouple, potentiometer, pyrgeometer).
• 2 voltage-free counting contact inputs (e.g. a tipping bucket rain gauge and a cup anemometer can be connected).
• One RS485 “Master” port with Modbus-RTU protocol.
• One SDI-12 “Master” port compatible with version 1.3 of SDI-12 protocol.
• 2 voltage-free contact alarm outputs.
On request, input with M12 connector for relative humidity and temperature with NTC sensor combined probe or, alternatively, for temperature only probe with NTC sensor. If a relative humidity and temperature probe is connected, the dew point temperature is calculated. The atmospheric pressure is detected by means of an optional internal sensor. (Versions HD33MT4b.GSM and HD33MT4b.3G). Optional custom LCD display (HD33LMT.GSM; HD33LMT.3G). Thanks to GSM/GPRS or 3G transmission, the user will not have to remove the data logger from its position or reach the place where the data logger is installed to download the data measured with the PC: the instrument can send the data via e-mail or FTP and can upload the data on an HTTP server.

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