HD2004T / HD20V4T – Passive pressure transmitters

HD2004T / HD20V4T – Passive pressure transmitters

Microprocessor pressure transmitters with current output (4÷20 mA) the first and voltage output (0÷5V, 1÷5V or 0÷10V) the second. Full scale ranges available from 100mBar up to 600Bar.

Update Jan. 2020: this item is no longer available, please contact us for alternatives.

HD 2004T and HD 20V4T are microprocessor pressure transmitters, with current output (4÷20 mA) or voltage output (0÷5V, 1÷5V or 0÷10V).
Very flexible for any application and to be used for gasses or liquids. Wide range: 100 mBar up to 600 Bar in absolute pressure. The sensitive element consists of a jumper of piezoresistive resistors deposited
on a ceramic membrane. At the variation of pressure, the bending of this membrane
causes a linear and proportional variation of the bridge resistances.
The stainless steel case (30 mm diam.) includes both the sensor and the electronics. Working temperature: -30 °C..+80 °C

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