Thermal Comfort: PMV/PPD – the next generation is here!

Thermal Comfort: PMV/PPD – the next generation is here!

We proudly introduce: the next generation in measuring Thermal Comfort! At Delta OHM, years ago, we were the first to introduce a portable instrument that had an instantaneously calculation of the PMV/PPD and WBGT index and could directly display these values.

The great success of our range of Thermal Comfort instruments that all work according to the ISO regulations has made it a useful tool for many users all over the world.

The new range has added features that will prove our users that Delta OHM still remains the leading company for these measurements. We measure and calculate not only the standard values like RH, °C and airspeed, but also we have now added the turbulence intensity as one of the new parameters.

Before introducing these new instruments, we have of course discussed all best practices with a selection of our user group: they made clear that there is a high demand to be able to identify the specific measuring places. Also a memo recording function would be highly appreciated.

Next to this it appeared to be useful that in case of long-lasting measurements, the measurement data would be remotely accessible.

Delta OHM has added all these features: connectivity, possibility to make pictures to identify specific situations, voice recording… We proof again that we as Delta OHM listen to our market, that we are ‘dedicated to our customers’. Ask for a demo or let us know any request for additional information.

ISO7243, ISO7730, ISO7726.
WiFi connectivity, FTP storage