Air Speed

Air Speed Laboratory

Two wind tunnels allow Calibration of most common anemometers such as: thermal anemometer, vane anemometer, propeller anemometer, swinging-vane anemometer, ultra-sonic anemometer, pitot-darcy tubes.

Both wind tunnel are Göttinger-Type, in order to assure the best metrological performance (stability, uniformity). Each Tunnel has LDA (Laser Doppler anemometer) in order to assure the best reference standard available.

Air speed calibration ranges include low range wind tunnel operating in the range 0.15 m/sec, 35 m/s with a circular test section of 320mm and a high range 1m/sec,65m/sec with a circular test section of 600mm.

Our primary standard, calibrated by the National Metrological Institute, guarantees the metrological traceability of our measurements.

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What we calibrate?

Type Certificate Draft
  Pitot tubes              
  Ultrasonic anemometers