Make sure you get the maxium efficency from your UV LED light!

Make sure you get the maxium efficency from your UV LED light!

Faced with the fear of Covid-19, all over the world, researchers are focused on finding solutions and tools to fight the virus.

These include as well UV lamps and their capacity to inhibit viruses. According to recent studies, it appears that the application of UVC ultraviolet radiation used by the new LED lamps has proved to be highly effective.

The result is a significant increase in the market of UV LEDs available with a wavelenght centered around 265 and 275 nm which corresponds to the maximum germicidal efficiency range. If the sensitivity of the traditional UVC probes changes rapidly around 270 nm and makes them indicated for other UV light sources, our new LP471UVBC radiometric probe is the perfect solution for UV LED lights used for the verification of germicidal lamps in sterilization systems.

The LP471UVBC probe has a wider spectral range compared to traditional UVC probes and uses a special solar-blind photodiode with an appropriate filter provided with a diffuser. Used in combination with our portable luxmeters HD2302.0 or HD2102.2, you have a turnkey solution either you need to simply measure and read, or you need a more advanced solution with logging feature.

Moreover, the ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate, issued by our own accredited Photo-Radiometry laboratory, guarantees that your measurement are always correct and accurate.

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