All-in-One Meteo Compact Stations: quick, easy and complete!

All-in-One Meteo Compact Stations: quick, easy and complete!

Complete weather station solutions are difficult to set up and configure? Or maybe you just need an easiest but nevertheless accurate one?

The ALL-IN-ONE already configured Meteo Compact Stations are the kits you were looking for!

Weather data are nowadays of great importance not only closely linked to Meteorology, Hydrology or Agriculture.

Let’s think for example at cranes movements in workplaces, at big infrastructures like viaducts or bridges that have to be monitored for vehicle safety. Let’s imagine you work in industries such as chemical or waste treatment dealing with dangerous materials that have to be under environmental regulation control. Or you own a bathing establishment and need to keep control on weather conditions to allow or restrict people to surf or swim.

Those are just some examples of very common situations in which the accuracy of the measured data is as much important as having a simple, easy but complete automatic weather station.

HDMCS-100 and HDMCS-200 provide real time Meteo Data directly on your devices. Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure,  Rainfall or Solar Radiation (according to the model): all important parameters available at your fingertips in a very simple and easy way.

Already configured, quick and easy to install: you just need to set up the tripod, plug-in the cables and insert your SIM card to start receiving your data. These can be stored and secured directly in your own FTP server or in the Delta OHM Cloud.

A solar panel and a backup battery included in the kit makes it a complete self-supporting system with no  need of external power. Moreover, the logger with built in GSM module allow to install the compact weather station anywhere  where there is GSM coverage.

The heavy duty mechanical design and the absence of moving parts make the HDMCS series of AWS completely maintenance free and so  capable of working as well in remote site or heavy condition.

High accuracy and high reliability are guarantee starting from the production process: all sensors are individually calibrated in Delta OHM ISO 17025 Calibration Center.

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